Wait Wait…Don't Tell Me at Sydney Goldstein Theater

Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me Tickets

Sydney Goldstein Theater | San Francisco, California

Do you love Wait Wait…Don't Tell Me and never want to miss a second of their events?! Then join fans from all over the country in experiencing it for real this coming May as they travel down to the stunning Sydney Goldstein Theater in San Francisco, California on Thursday 26th May 2022! This iconic state is well known worldwide for its incredible arts scene and non-stop schedule of events, so here's your only opportunity to be there for something special! So don’t miss out on the sensational Wait Wait…Don't Tell Me before tickets surely sell out quick!

Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me at Sydney Goldstein Theater

When San Francisco patrons request a refined other experience – there’s one place they always go to. Sydney Goldstein Theater has a long history of providing everything the guests not just want but need in order to dive into some world-class entertainment. San Francisco fans in the know are offered the chance to experience this and more by reserving a seat for the unmissable Wait Wait…Don't Tell Me on Thursday 26th May 2022. The event will certainly win the hearts and minds of other-goers, as it will be the meeting point of great talent and the ultimate environment to enjoy it. Each lucky ticket holder will have the chance to experience at first hand the unbelievable perks the venue has to offer, such as vivid decor, superb acoustics and sound system, clean sightlines and hospitable staff to boot. But it doesn’t end there – find out for yourself what sets the venue apart from the pack by booking your ticket today!

Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me at Sydney Goldstein Theater

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